Friday, November 25, 2011


bentspew, i’m fighting money,
praystation, paystation, newtype,
it’s still winter, milk t-shirt
cream jeans, double-sided artwork,
garf, sovereign consciousness,
punctum studium, immaterial
labour, verbal handshakes,
service with a smile, machista,
unconcerned desire, signified
death versus shown death,
marasmic, we are not free of
the text yet, every word that has
ever been written, cross-referenced
lemmas, infrarealism, passion
scales, mating motivation,
evolved decision biases, storge,
ludus, companionate love,
manic love, the bliss of
proximity, forger’s palsy,
by yesterday’s standards,
nothing is lovely, let’s talk
about death, this is not my
handwriting, mindful labour,
lucid consolation, licid,
passing thru passing thru,
higg apostrophe ess, okay i
give up, let’s turn all the
black into white and all
the white into black,
yammer on, zep versus squid,

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