Thursday, November 17, 2011


dayglo nonverbal communication,
do not drop score or mishandle,
embossed question mark, where
the ink perhaps, oko, the relation-
shipwreck, highlight error, let
it come up, sinecura, samizdat
art magazine, balatonboglár,
waefu, legs like concrete,
obeah, sans souci, legahoo,
lajabless, soucouyant, moco
jumbie, human consciousness as
embodied, the freeness dance,
white reality, jouissance,
multicursal, wheatberries,
googla pluplu, fauteuils,
unsignifyable, the end of
writing, one size fits one,
verdant font, getting to
the bottomless, praystation,
detrivore lit, love in the peat,
telecine judder, chiropotes
satanas, heart in surprise
sauce, microskirt, modern
concrete design, swing-
movement, poetry writing is
nice work if you can get it,
zoda, there is no time like
the present contains no time,
interiors of disjunction,
anti-semiotics, no tripping,

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