Sunday, November 13, 2011

"tedmun lardis"

the plan was to clear the deck but what ended up happening was
buried the deck, straight hair, acid void, bb moss, jenny thorn,
what does typewriting signify, voodoo oodoov, you actually counted
the paperclips, as long as the theft does not benefit the thief,
your claim to fame is destroying you, the ink is full of crystals,
this is my ecstasy, the most significant letter in the alphabet,
your language is a secret code to me, it ain’t me baba, the date
is part of the title, ioi vpn, where does all this text come from,
all these chunklettes, people don’t even bother looking at them,
deobfuscation, these texts get tossed up again, the lost blather,
the lost yammer, the lost masterpieces, back to reality haha,
sonata for harmonica and typewriter, one does not fill the bill
of ladling, i think the cryptic phrase means imagine peace,
sex is perfectly legal, the single letter a, bentsquid, element
of composition of cityscape, rowan oak, tedmun lardis, invest in
new ink, the eye of the riffraff, inkblot artist, sex for sale,
anonymous cops, zlake fire, the so-called comedian is doing
what, magic broken things back together, locomotive zooming
towards you, falling kaned, what does handwriting signify,
penny pulse, the science of nothing, moss emotion, bebe, the
acid eye, vacancies in the hierarchy, the jungle is a jungle
of latin names, how many times does nature need to repeat itself,
am blicked, there’s no such thing as no such thing, meat is dirt,
priapic pain, that would be a nice piece to do, blank variations,
a rather flat representation, milking the fire, incomplete hat,
arbitrary stone, beat mush, try rotating the artwork, there is a
creature coming into existence here, hang it with the right margin
down, busy getting over it, this is the buy, one is an artist so
one is not going to feel guilty for doing art, this is not the
last straw but, prilosec, paperchannel, instant pussy, bbllaannkk,

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