Tuesday, November 08, 2011


studies the hole, cassoulet,
dysesthesia, neurosyphilis,
lancinating, publishing pussy,
fur piece, nano-art, newspaper
cluster, indirect transactions,
particle maintenance, winnipeg
herald, the shadow out of time,
jimson aphrodite, yana, fuck
machinery, we have trouble
with our writing, you can see
where the staples have been
chewing, supernumary breasts,
still beining, unarmed man
versus, looks like it got left
on the floor of the mailroom
for a while, nanonote, dismal
lamsid, mere dedication or,
this is just to inform you:
zero, please respond, no liver,
endless cycle of hate, an ethics
of enchantment, thinking with
the whole mind, abaddon,
affective attachment to the
world through art, genk, the
ray machine, point driven,
emotional literacy, rush of
association, controlled weeping,
ladder-striving, gaspar
gastar, milori, transphormetic,
put yourself away wet,

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