Tuesday, November 15, 2011


chatsurfing, peach love happiness,
praystation, free radical, tsog,
fluctuating wildly, the
brazilian processists, half eaten
corpses, fashion revolt, sticker
shock rebellion, fashion war,
little below the knee clubs,
hopemoreness, concrete flyovers,
wanchai, the berkeley
renaissance, cyclorama,
ridiculous paper-sorting,
follow all references, ein
gleichnis, jumping back out to
half size, i think this text
stretches all the way back to,
they are not broken just need to
be cleaned up a bit, you wish
this paper was still blank,
the street of intellectuals,
hannah exhibited a
characteristic, you can feel
the genuine seal, self-fisting,
there probably would have been
a letter on the back of this,
crystal harmonica, get them
gone, any wad of text will
do, we couldn’t be bothered
to hang the wallpaper,
obscene waste of paper,
we could always pick up
where we left off,

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