Saturday, November 12, 2011


slish, asscheck, okay that is not
a deer, balayez, cluster of poles,
could somebody explain this to
me, banana lamp, the rain is hell
on the paper, compare the pre-
with the post-computer version,
foin, brannigans, the scent of moss,
all is dross, unlax, an internet
something-or-other, paleo-ecology,
our big holeness, suicide school,
eco-philosopher, nude slip-n-slide,
jeremiah, this damn hat, ligates,
cave art theory, saturation job,
abandons nothing en route,
what image are we projecting,
they managed to get this one
up out of the text-jaggy,
this fuckish book, the still done,
this font is a consolation,
well this is only yesterday,
nekto, nothing is coming thru,
elaborate verb, a lot of us
fall by the wayside, fuck
the blank, the majority world,
the death of photography,
non-mint copy, rip your own
head off, noi post, this is
painful, in favour of
violence, do we got the music,
you sort of damaged the art,

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