Wednesday, February 29, 2012


is this worth saving, destroy all
beauty, can’t seem to face the book,
this is my favourite moment,
twenty-four matters, cara cara
oranges, a hundred rhododendrons,
five colours including black
and grey, strange fragment, oki,
aohkii, dyspraxia, controlled-
reading-rate poemfilms, toyage,
primitive hand lamp wicks, the
denial of the feminine, god food,
filthy loafer, appeared to be in
a trance-like condition,
obviously under the influence
of something, hip-capitalists,
beijing night, booyah!, fidalgo,
the anarchy of love, neovagina,
the pope squat, barren wasteland,
she’s a mormon buddhist witch,
two shipwrecks that passed in the
night, blogging a dead horse,
deep sea six, december thirty-one
twenty-sixteen, available at a
distance, not by one changes

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