Sunday, April 01, 2012


paper? what the fuck do we need paper for?, ad just, kumala
national monument, flippy-floppy disk, i thot you might like this
mess, just keep blotting, what sort of feelings does this evoke,
turning the seahorse on it's head, this was, ray sign, you can
hardly tell that it came out of the photocopier, can we just
fold it, why these little texts, must i highlight the errors,
you've only got nineteen words to proofread and you still fuck
up, think of it as a bleed, gar thirty-nine, i left a three
mm margin of error, but, gutter all, if you want it to be,
tc, no indication of page order, fcz, perfect little morsel,
let's check and see how the inkless one came out, swing
movement, use zoda, dayglo trip, purple flywheel, open the
chat and leave it open, the photocopier is obsolete, slish
art, the missing we, no actually it is a bottle of wine,
trance adjust, busy being baptized, this is all alcohol, you
could use the sharp edges, the sun is evil, xamgis, the text
inn, blot enemy, ready for public consumption, seahorse stench,
sending means waiting, make another trip to the photocopier,
thot you might like this label, nobody seems, tempmet,

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