Saturday, June 30, 2012

"cybercitizen" & "dart key bowl"

i wonder where this kid is today,
leaving blanks in your publications,
more cup full, the original is
never too far away, please
don’t ask for a penny,
philophatuous, striate fish,
words cannot reach me,
cybercitizen, where you have
blown up material you must
have, here you can see how
the garbage is transformed,
the rise and fall of the
line, flabbah, name-ch, gm,

this is just photocopied out
of a publication, oh we might
have read it once but, premuse,
who’s got all the originals,
merman, octotitties, whydent,
repita, dart key bowl, people
riding in automobiles, kami,
chromazone, mazda-matic,
spoolmak!, aromaficial,
don’t lick this page, we
puddem, small wonder
we chicken out,

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