Tuesday, April 22, 2014

"a mana danderous"

the blinding wonder, thyiads,
hybris, a mana danderous, cacique,
prenup redo, vile sharing, anal
versus digital, bleachbomb,
kina, just the sole poem, not
responsible for shoes lost, paper
out in the snow, cbmb, the
large hardon collider, coffee
enemas, recrumbent, set you
free to be a full-time poet,
octogenarihexation, karmic
adjuster, smashed concrete,
woge, parasitic anarchist, how
to be happy without being
hopeful, lonely crowd,
sightation, contemporary poetry
is gentrified, orange plastic
cones, shearlings, churching,
mare tenebrarum, essential
difference, another great line
going down in the flood,
hash johnson, burn the blank,
marginal leeway, just forget
paper, the author has gone silent,

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