Wednesday, April 23, 2014

"domo komarimashita"

my first pink, top secret explosion,
there's more to the artist than the
artist's face, the heart is the ground
not the figure, lil mark standalone,
there's no point unfolding is there?,
leo nine, ache our son, paraphasia,
apophenia, electronic voice phenomenon,
clustering illusion, netsuke, the
celibate pornographer, the house is clean
enuf, stroastlo, one is not adding anything
to one's cart, ink is money, jark, just
put a text in heavy rotation any text,
do you wish to maintain your identity?,
the etymology of verklempt, actual levels
may vary, ubik, gluteoplasty, browse all
females, knitmail, let's go to tuvala, yinglish, mister pareidolia,
salex, let's go out to the lighthouse, lubriderm unscented, dmhcl,
electricity is money, the consumption lag, encompass ink, it's your
blood so let it flow, broadridge ten, yer gonna bug me for six
bucks, because i am so fuckin rich, wonder what decided, kuche
kirche kinder, woman's concrete situation, one is destabilizing
lawyers, never concretely free, matron concrete powers, concrete
restraints, the frondeuses, where would you have one go with
skirts on?, concrete possibilities, the great concrete role,
domo komarimashita, giri, the dust-less mirror phase, karmology,
gi, interpersonal programming, kiai, white diamonds, symbolic
violence, praetorian, a student named hippel, isolines, right
justified, ich sheisse dir in deine kunst, intermarriage, insinkt,
you could do these at ten point and shoehorn em, check to see
if the text has been cut off, end dear meant, enter tain of
mirror, your acid powers are failing you, did you miss that
green light brother? tough luck: it was the last one,

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