Wednesday, April 09, 2014


you can’t just steal language
from other people, giant elephants,
whorticulture, least common
multiple, hemorrhoids galore,
as at december fifteen, we had
to bring the levels up, sos
sponge, andre breton crackers,
toilet paper or asswipe or bath
tissue, a penny shy, canadian
bank note pink, picked up an
unfortunate smudge, massive
paisley rubberstamp, a mannatech
christmas, put a sock in it,
conjured mouns, big hands i know
you’re the one, the spoon-shoe,
exploding-fixed, ma femme à
la chevelure de feu de bois,
permeable structures, i wanna
ax you a quextion, dadarug,
postage stamp size poems, who
knows how to get a space,
careful what you wish for,
you want me to commit to
forty years, bio-electrical
impedance, oh i’m sorry i
thot you were done, you want
me to study this out of the
goodness of my heart, as long
as you consent, trace you
towards your death,

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