Sunday, April 13, 2014

"the flamens"

tonerzine, orange you tang,
tinfoil hat, a rich schmoozing
environment, goldthread, a moss
guru, this pen cost five bucks,
the flamens, mediatrix, donjon,
heroic mothers, surprised at
nothing, whipping sophie, the sun
is shining into my brain, body
memory, attachment disorders,
meta-cognitive capacity,
false memory syndrome, a fugue
state a rogue state, par bulbs,
wherever death may surprise us,
a mandala made out of the
bones of my skeleton, an
immense golden skeleton, on
a may mornynge, foam colon e,
ne, ē, hen na, the ampersand gets
dropped, let’s see if my memory
serves me well i got screwed,
thanks for leaving the lip,
we gotta get rid of all these
fonts without decent apostrophes,
nobody mentioned pearl harbour
yesterday, only the creator
can tell, toss the typewriter,
fletch in the novels of
gilbert sorrentino,

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