Wednesday, April 16, 2014

"dorai kuriiningu"

a disgusting waste of paper,
thanks for the follow, let the
margins fluctuate, zhu zhu
hamster, every click you make,
little bitter slips, how to get
rid of memories, bulk carrots,
no quarter cluster, conceptual
rubberstamps, dorai kuriiningu,
perchloroethylene, dewa, evoex,
cranioklepty, face time,
co-operative breeding,
speleocenter, macrophage,
kidfluence, an entire cluster,
spread shots, bedspace, turn
all the commas into periods,
we still have hope for the
blank portion, file folderall,
what this text might be
saying, i don’t know nothing
about birthing no babies,
master soft oday, xenogloss,
this text is still under
construction, udder con,
cognitive misers, dysrationalia,
you might as well take the
fourteen, canon law, the
quarrel of women, escape
the harsh common,
précieuses ridicules,
femmes savantes,

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