Sunday, April 06, 2014


would you mind assessing this text,
the otherverse, is that all there is
to poetry, i thot not it hot, invu,
a restricted call, sound translation,
a perfect example of the poem, we
have enuf of these that, boursin,
there is nothing there but, turn
these microfrags of trash into art,
can the poem hold down the paper,
what do you got against slogans,
all all, the lustra, phallic
marriage, amante, a stellar
equilibrium, the white ecstasy,
a relation of vassalage,
regeneratrix, creative slumber,
pour-soi, children husband home
estate country church,
frogwork, social memory, single
room occupancy hotel dwellers,
semantic license, non-market
housing, woodsquatters, a
myriad-faced artery, a
sexual evening, humiliating
the entire country, in hoc
signo, vanpools, pyelonephritis,
orange in compost, proofhood,
macros, expecting her to come,
micros, i think it means a
fight, codeen blank, h,
sor, don’t even get a half,
semiology, glaxteeth,

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