Thursday, April 17, 2014


i’m keeping this piece of paper
because it reminds me of, let’s
spoon, it was considerate of them
to leave this blank, distro one,
cupcake culture, rick rack,
hypnotied, imvu, flashmob,
brt, perhaps you are ready to
close, smart mob, silent disco,
wifipicnicing, wifibubble,
semantic saturation, legjobb,
a disgusting waste of paper,
cum squat, a managed man,
you make it all worsewhile,
fluck, prefer live communication,
asthma zimmerman, skirt the
publishing industry,
fractalization, rent too high,
graph the price of rice,
parasitic anarchists, epigone,
the semblance question, a
second-order existence, the
unthought known, culturology,
cultural and ethical human,
outsider-animals, violent
innocence, parvenu, ebonite,
body meridians, it wouldn’t
be paradise without the
snake, the parasitic woman,
bloomerism, the sweating
system, the family exchequer,

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