Tuesday, April 15, 2014


gaze into the knife, detail of
addnpass, i’m not sure if i see
what all is going on in this
picture but, fredonia, the
intermediation business, she’s
a sprawler, a dirty old man
on his deathbed groping the
candystripers, ontario base
map, universal trance mercator,
momiji, tau protein, cloud
computing, just another
sweetheart on my to do list,
obt, there is no clear distinction
between debit and credit,
frighteningly good mailart,
the polemos of opposites, orgiasm,
suction vortex, photofloods,
petites femmes, sole concrete,
the sign of the sphinx, fille
perdue, ability of moss to
cling, bean-jam, manjusakas,
race difficulties, the
money needs to be there, fish
out a bit of blank, neaflys,
one is stealing all of these
phrases, let’s try to talk
about something that is not
present, max el,

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