Tuesday, April 29, 2014


the contractant, adiabatic heating,
foehn winds, catching a communication
buzz, anaphylaxis, abalcabal,
batfink versus rat fink, ex-cluster,
net bananas, net cluster, all gone,
flaminica, manes, levirate,
a privileged spouse, the handmaidens
of his gynaeceum, hetairas, genos,
pallages, epiclerate, fresson-
process, vibrating palm, a choice
among identities, micromanager,
memory retrieval therapy,
psychoneurology, the seduction
theory, abreaction, attachment
theory, object relations theories,
trauma therapy industry,
victim culture, systems theory,
conspiracy of silence, working
through, i believe her, emdr,
nlp, gleam in the mother’s
eye, bad chemicals, concrete
corroboration, psychodynamic
metapsychology, privileged
aesthetic communication,
an army of bored housewives,
green onion cake, have you
ever considered running away,
accruing value art, make a
nice page, text rebound,
the date rubberstamp,

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