Friday, April 18, 2014


time ends, duchenne laughter,
your insanity is all in your
head, undisclosed recipient,
cybertime, fleshmob, thinks
jailtime is romantic,
floggability, we have achieved
market saturation, les figues,
gum bichromate experiments,
glyconutrients, rent cluster,
fuck all, hai, thanatoid
personality, karmic adjustment,
principium individuationis,
answerability, tertium datur,
the grace note, sacred blue
note, the mousefolk, the
lethal silence, workaday
piping, beach concrete twa,
el mando a distancia, this
is where i popped out of a
cunt, crocodile excrement
honey, os uteri, love dropsy,
nasciturus, kill her,
viviani, independent
feminism, slashed pictures,
trampled flowerbeds, threw
stones at the police, the
internet has attained the
condition of television,
down to ten point on the
lucida sans, eyeball it,

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