Monday, April 14, 2014


x for orientation, work breakdown
structure, we need more to go on,
highend consumer electronics,
poetry is not a hobby you do in
your spare time, exclaim always
exclaim, write back soon, it was
folie a deux at first sight,
swinemeat, chelation, don’t fixate,
tighten up the stool, cluster of
carrots, books are killer, refused
the inheritance from the
accumulated wealth, minor
white, pantheonic, chronotope,
imperial panorama, geological
poetics, encumbered space,
blues notes, city-art, baia-mare,
nothing is unreadable, shunpike,
barcode editor, aztec two-dimensional
matrix symbology, celiac
disease, eradication of manual
scavenging, chocolate krishna,
paleotechnic, nanocodework,
widebrimmed hat, thought
cluster, cactus wax, under
neath the text, axterix,
special effort to obtain text,
treat the precious text as if
it were garbage, look at
your reflection in the

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