Sunday, April 20, 2014


a temple of texts, steam irony,
temptated, a celibate pornographer,
one is destabilizing lawyers, i’m
gonna let you pass, facebook is a
gated community, moka, sometimes
you have to accept a substitute
for the substitute, ovcg, plaxtix,
paradises of idleness and delight,
ethical anarchism, creative fraud,
cultural memory, continuity
in human existence, after
auschwitz one does not
underwrite culture with
poetry, schizoid interpreters
of texts, we never read, one
can’t read without drugs, her
writing can be seen online,
aggressive empiricism, archives
are clearing houses of meaning,
shit-stained mirror, a cluster
of crushed candies, the luteal
phase, twitticism, atalanta
admirable, rough coat, huff
art, lord only knows what
will go in the blank, these
would make a nice batch
of atc’s, day of arrival,
blank lion,

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