Tuesday, April 08, 2014


retrobrowser, ageplay, the grand
old oprah, is your spam detector
using racial profiling, one is a
figment, nothing will ever come
between us, a particular thing
that ended, faceblog, the toxic
neighbor, the conversational
moment um, objectified, fuck
passion, ecoholic, one eats meat,
lulu meat, nothing so pink,
photoshop this text, a pungent
saltiness, unbreakable core of
night, the heart of a heartless
flower, this incomparable
monster, claudel exalts the
handmaid, snood, blacktop
versus macadam, tarmac, glacis,
an old zinc wartime penny, the
other is your sticking point,
past orange, humonic, the eco
effect, the continual compound
present, karma orange, copyright
is teaching, include it as a
rider, a little bit of fiction,
you can tell the text is
brilliant at a glance, well
at least id, pillar the
corners, a structure for
the text to reside in, a
light dusting of letters,

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