Saturday, April 26, 2014


punding, aletheia, delusional
parasitosis, paraphilia, mail line,
leyden jargon society, liga
obrony powietrznej panstwa, teach
me tiger, sausa, doubt cluster,
antiphysis, concrete value in
action, the great historical defeat
of the feminine sex, puissant
pussy, concrete realization,
the blacksmith’s instant, monism,
clitorid, a concrete woman,
instruments of indenture,
universal binding ingredient,
koto, double-cross whites, dikai,
dikazein, traumata, graphai,
orgê, mnêsikakein, women in
jail cells, buddhologists,
his theory of poetry is that
it should have no theory,
twat team, i feel that there
is nothing more truly artistic
than to love people, phism,
tanager or teenager, sizing
things up, this might be the
last phrase i write, hammer
language, two bikini zen,
just say no to books, create

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