Friday, April 11, 2014


fletch, inexpugnable, amorc,
univercyclist, climategate,
underposted, pseudodensity,
hypotheticalspace, puttanesca,
a mutual dull moment, it
can’t be undone, edible homes
for creatives, an unsuitor,
how can a bit of paper so small
carry any value, jenga, penny
for scale, auto-masochism,
adding poetry seems like overkill,
ginger is the root of all,
templum aedificatum super
cloacum, inter faeces et
urinam nascimur, the virgin
birth, shunta, freex, daily
aspects, xantocroid, when the
moon was void, signism,
tzuris, tzimmes, slapjacks,
enlightenment through
asskicking, weak orange
distortions, shaygetz,
exhibition hall the college,
concrete potential, desire
evokes desire, desire for
scarce goods, an unconscious
identification with the
will of the other, i’ve
lost my self, panic
disorder syndrome,

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