Sunday, April 27, 2014


shozoray, i do not have recent
art activity, twiggy zoom, you’ve
got all the information you need,
nothing in particular, irving
texas, worry-free, not the sort
of food you were looking for,
a tuxedo cat, photostanti, oakcliff
now, spinning trouble, crazy
womans, saw’s edges, fay cray,
barndt, the grocery list series,
lion in a dungeon, united
anarchists, my all rubberstamp,
llaall, free up your hands, the
amazons of dahomey, ambuvan,
informationalization, cholla,
maybe you need some non-literary
friends, whatscape, concrete
pillars, bacillary, an atomic
pile, gynæceum, matriarchate,
approaching orange, the correct
analysis, fourragères,
dauphin island orchids, pais,
enthymeme, pisteis, thumos,
thomeides, retraumatization,
the traumatized world, the
tragic world, primal horde
theory, che zed, secret erotic
oyster, hackers at war with
each other, can’t face
facebook, maybe she thot it
was a fat joke, blankland,

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