Monday, April 07, 2014


you ought to recognize these
teeth, a representation of a
penis, shis, nonmonetary artworks,
japanese death poems, browsing in
private, my other self, one has
a meat fetish, usti, the
eviction gallery, tempted to
bump into you, mod podge,
chili beans, the poem acts as
a stamp of approval, all has
value, the statue factory in
épinal, pseudo-sublime,
spo· , please include the sub-title,
summertime outlaws, playing
toilets, the famous worms of
song, twenty-four frames per
second, spot zoning, a windshield
survey, slum clearance, the
land crunch, one is an empty
nester, oh wait we already
wrote all this, tier-tender,
zygodactyl, hendiadys, léche-
vitrine, tectiforms, boundary
signaling, deenforcements,
ten years ago i wrote this,
internet clipping service,
all these documents are
going up in flame,

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