Thursday, April 10, 2014


whoosing, face the dollar, bok
in turkish, the vivian girls,
texturization, whining micro-
dracula, i want to set you free
to be a full time artist, the
zen bell of death, throwing shit
at the fan, not a penny to show,
procrastronaut, remove forever,
cannot be undone, brielle, i
would like to lick it but,
write a letter to your local
supermarket, kouxinaphobia,
ffar’s, olathe, crystalline
microstructure, dip’s,
designer seltzer, tachyon,
the concrete surf, heliconia
bihai, the delight of hats,
a needtoread book, paraphs,
moss crunch, fideua, the
doomsday vault, poison d’arts,
oilily, tonight the gars on
trees are swords in the hands
of knights, test tower, why
don’t you format to six by nine,
a perfect page, time makes
paper precious, this is the
stuff we are trying to get
rid of, include a cat hair,
colour will cost you a bit
extra, wow feel that genuine,

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