Wednesday, April 02, 2014


cease all consumption, boomerang
pie, letutka, mister bipp, the
reality wars, facebooklift, insert
one typo, nippling, let us
compare meat, scotch cluster,
autointoxications, to enlarge
to climb higher, pott’s disease,
misneoism, brevetted, shura,
retrosexual, a culture of
architecture, twihard, zero
income housing, pleonasm,
searching again for my hat,
compsurf, trystero, afpak,
polititainment, gwot, cloned
human embryos, piano clusters,
nanoelements, paradigmatic
amnesia versus syntagmatic
amnesia, a similarity disorder
versus a contiguity disorder,
looks like they are just about
finished those skyscrapers,
frank o’hara airport, is this
what you call art, chewed
out, i know what this particular
swath of words refers to, we
left off the final one, this
still leaves us with trims,
a particular day ten
years ago, this is complexifying,

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