Monday, April 28, 2014


is there an explanation to this or
is this just meaningless, morels,
drinking a whole case of mistaken
identity, free up your hands,
government funding for anarchist
publications, shevel, we are merely
here to reproduce, shonking,
humankind as a useless passion,
didja turtle, non-literary friends,
goodie-goodie meets bad apple:
live at first sight, szombathy,
there is more than one kind of
vegetable, under the sink: old
rubbergloves melt, la loi
inderdit d’utiliser, joy is in
sharing misery, patrilocal,
the mark of otherness, when the
first hammer blow resounds,
the reign of irreducible
duration, isolated vulvas,
matriarch ate patriarch ate,
iak, facial cancer, intrapsychic,
mirroring mentalizing,
good enough external objects,
repetition compulsion,
retrauma, self-comforting,
polemos, leadershipless
patriotism, spheriphagous
tulips, soba, shodan,
assukikaa, ne, a water-trade
joint, kobun, giri, ninjitsu,

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