Friday, April 04, 2014

"superluminal commix"

black block ecology, one has a
meat fetish, one favorited
something, also known as a shotgun
blast or an exploded bubble gum
bubble, superluminal commix,
nothing seems to be amusing me
just fine thank you, virtual
panties, a cutlet at mindspring,
living on borrowed, food, the
bread of disgust, a white slug,
injection vessel, ladyloves, a
sex of steel, human community
empathy, pleistocene overkill,
primogenous, machine of effects,
gothicky, gothicity, the desire
for trauma, practice your
book tossing skills, a penny game,
vanilla dental dams, census
of habit entirely, ontic, lich,
naked lunch poems, the
himalayan snowcock, quadruplicity,
zen zen zen, aazzz, there is no
way to tell what will come
to fill in the blank, oh
one does give, nothing ever
comes to an end, you could
look it up: what these marks
signify, the worst representative,
bootleg jell tube,

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