Friday, April 25, 2014


one bikini zen, fractal politics,
a little bada bing, bookknuck,
looking at poetry has never been
less painful, woof tickets, this
video is not available in your
country due to copyright
restrictions, nothing is
illuminated, i completely gapped
and forgot to tell you, faint
text proves nothing, you have
the power to charge me, if
everyday is saturday, dna
cluster, paper shaper, shark
cluster, hereby producing art,
nomoslo, a sexuate body,
concrete expressions of
existence, quest of being,
the dynamic imagination,
the parental gace, er, gaze,
the body is generality, big
bang collider, the e-reading
device, the castrati,
jettisoned their moonship
intrepid, bill deemer, mana,
transcendence takes concrete,
excremental competition,
passive libido, the haiku
caesura, a classical haiku
in english, a or the haiku
moment, the haiku
community, top of page,

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