Saturday, April 05, 2014


could be easily bootlegged,
pull an artie shaw, punchmeat,
a l, empathy for humanity chip,
birdpudding, super-hearing,
a selective mute, violence is
that which does not speak,
visioluxus, gumbo is okra,
delicious inferno, the immortal
story of the pike, beef curtains,
eviction sale, protologisms,
the anti-english spectrum,
snowflake kaleidoscope, build
up the pile, sell the bird,
living on plastic for the
duration, cluster of globes,
fan dancers, the commodification
of the street, a congested
quality, a rentier, relational
theory, cluster of disciples,
the surfing class, night
riders, surfophobia, odradek,
the geological non-conscious,
spatially charged corners,
concrete stones, poor folks put
pennies together, chapbooks with
frilly bindings, california-
ization, boundary-testing
touch, a barrier gesture,
reduce before, one is glad
when the text gets shut off,

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