Wednesday, April 30, 2014


this is the first time this pen
ever touched paper, vision elite,
three-dimensional paper coin
roller, plastic form packaging,
a purple crocheted hat, language
sausage, heavy eye contact,
microblogging, xml tutorial,
deadpan hands, a bored housewife
with a vengeance, guerrilla art
distribution, daily canadian
cash limit remaining, the
internet bill, the life bill,
cambozola blu, ch ch o o , gbc,
day of issue forest on, an
occasional being, fief, gens,
suze rain, vassals, chansons de
geste, one-sided fidelity,
chatelaine, knightly love,
theory of the unconscious,
psychosexual development
theory, hen na, shabu, gaijin,
kombanwa, the original is dirty
bit the copy is clean, file
cabinets galore, rodomontade,
superunatural, metaverse,
tier, hpv, you have the option
at the break, vivid memories
of the shit, the pox ability,
more useful for its blank
areas, tails of commas cut,

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