Thursday, December 01, 2011

"downward dog"

your claim to fame is, sogyal,
a fusion disintegrator, reduce
refuse recycle, gearhead, trokosi,
downward dog, do you remember
seeing this envelope interior before,
what are all these riders, you are
spending a dollar a day on, war
against civilization, my seo girl,
mozzarella ball, cheeze cluster,
two all, h, jani parab, children
husbands employers, dhurrie,
mahuafruit oil, the urge to
destroy is a creative urge,
concrete slopping, oolicans,
the duesenberg phaeton, cool
hip existential, the frug, do
you recognize this range of
oblique references, chaotic
hierarchicalism, genetta
genetta, signs of low ink,
typewriter construct, smells
like canvas, salted concrete,
colonial b debts, pure-form
anarchism, the abolition of
whiteness, the accused’s grammar
of non-agency, colonial
hegemony for example, they
are making a mockery of you,
art one trade one, blank atc,
yes we know the ropes, i like
these doodads, inkblot recog,

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