Thursday, May 10, 2012

"filecode" & "sue les bleu"

readymade zine, numerous things
you could do with this text, get
this to a reader, mail each text
individually as a postcard,
people might like this blue on
blue, so presumably these have
not been digitized, we still know
what some of these refer to, we
need to get these within the
range of google, tap each word
into the computer one letter
at a time, take a random zigzag
thru the text, the eye seems to
enjoy the blue better, filecode,

do you really think i want grapefruit
slobber on my poetry zine, i don’t
really wanna see your knees,
nosebleed section at the minors,
thinking in terms of blake, a
fleet of paper airplanes, the
inevitable brewski, are you
selling these, back when the cob
the cob the cob, big fat finger
in front of the lens, whose got
them all, give me a great big
sign in the sky, sue les bleu,
fat psychosis, imagine those lips,
collage with your passport,

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