Tuesday, May 22, 2012

"eyep" & "bitcetera"

ink may be harmful if swallowed,
purple lid, there is no meaning
involved, ink-soaked paper, so much
ink you can hardly read it,
peacock puzzle, a fragment of
love, you can see what the puzzle
adds up to without actually
doing the puzzle, it looks like
an eye but, mane name, this once
amused, eyep, here again but
different, mysterious bit, the
best way to tell a story is
in person, one be, you thot it,

green crayon, blue cap, cat and
peacock, this way?, start with a
corner, feather-eyes, do the
edges first, deltoid patch of
fur, the actual eye of the
peacock, you can see the corner
of the plank here, gazing face
on, wall to wall eye, eyes in
the corner, eyes all down the
line, join key to key ring,
hair elastic, a peg from
mastermind, little curled
up pile of thread, bitcetera,

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