Thursday, May 31, 2012

"azolla" & "frullania"

lsd pellia, this is the second bog,
cephalosporium, atrovirens,
marsupella, daphne snowdrop,
androsace, crush the leaf to
release the, attention fluctuate,
microlepidozia, mylia taylori,
kurzia, tayloria, bazzania,
azolla mexicana, porella fronds,
pohlia, douinia, pilophorus,
look close, rust from paperclip
spilt ink, bright blue oil bodies
when fresh, mckenzie bight, rust
on paper, prothalli ambly,
pretend to be pro, mystic vale,

the smell of lichen reminds me
of, six dupes on exchange, there’s
a lot of information contained
in this little dna strand, we
are only guessing at the identity
of, miraculous little creature,
one word poem: frullania, are
you sure this is a fen, nobody
made the moss, shooting star loop,
you don’t see it fruiting very
often, higher level plans, are
you sure you’ve even got the
right genus, melp, doin’ ya,
you can try smelling it,

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