Tuesday, May 01, 2012

"vauban" & "bovine whirligig"

the postmark is all you need to
determine sender, i would like to
claim, eyeball staring out of
asshole, what are you doing for
your next project, vauban,
kuifmees, poem in plant language,
body kneads, the passing of jane
doe, a handful of nipples,
whatever happened to the lunatics
of yesterday, this insane shit
needs to be broadcast, if any
more mail comes to you, canda,
look at the size of those, wha,

judging by the envelope, jaibo, no
there is no connection, and how is
your health now, loowit, sooner or
later one will get ground, i
suppose i did not care to chat,
dropping a rose petal into the
grand canyon, americadia,
photocopy your tattoos, tight wet
dungarees, bovine whirligig,
white out southwest, in response
to my will, keep which fire
burning, the only thing of any
value in this text is you,

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