Tuesday, May 29, 2012

"jollymore road" & "acrocarps"

silvern lakes, some kind of worms
or something, the short time you
lived on jollymore road, the
short time you spent with lorraine,
tarn, luba mycio-mommers,
spectacular moss, philonotis
fontana, kantakis, a confirmed
sighting of sasquatch, o lee,
little onion mountain, melville’s
mother’s naps, albicans,
hylotapetum, dicranum what,
just call it number one,
not even what it says it is,
injeanny, call it number two,

obscureaceae, in the wide sense,
blocked on boredom road,
maybe better use pencil, chapman
road polygon, lobaria tree,
tyhee lake, little joe lake,
h, rhytidiopsis robusta,
hooped round by a level rim,
higher level plans, links to
operational plans, rivulare,
forest practices code,
acrocarps, shrooms, buxbaumia!,
i and my chimney, bear dung,

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