Saturday, May 05, 2012

"myndnym" & "marnix"

ain’t crossing any borders, rap king,
approxin, the eye in the groin, he
said she said, poets with drug
problems, what makes you think
you never existed, phosgenia,
girdle crotch, the brain is
recording its own pain, i don’t
understand why these people
don’t come online, fernes,
randomed, a cut-off flower
more, myndnym, padova,
continually attempting, as if
interactivity was not the name
of the game, you might think,

marnix, trimmed for inclusion,
find all findings of the words
that were found out there, one is
trying to be like one is, we can
hardly even make out the
address, why do you overlap the
postage stamps, on the corner of
broome and wooster, we have
two copies: one clean and one
dirty, collaboration between
diverse, visual boundaries,
there’s no words involved,
pill head, what are you say,

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