Friday, May 04, 2012

"lovercraft" & "flux the flux"

will you answer to dada vee,
the gang that is the gang that was
the gang that will be, lovercraft,
time goes by the numbers go up,
you had your chance to learn but
you never learned, i just like the
feel of the text, sometimes one
prefers not to read, you are on
the mailing list, to pel or not
to pel, bolus? did somebody say
bolus?, three-for-all, the usual
and the notso, are these the
happiest days of your life,

probably better to stop with the
writing, an infinite number of
pennies, gaze at the text as long as
you like, gaze at it again, perhaps
we ought not to have said that,
google each and every phrase,
perhaps less text is better, there
is no hand involved, point at the
text, don’t you love a word that
can make you laugh, flux the
flux, searchable books, being
without words, the nothing at
the heart, yes this text is,

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