Friday, May 18, 2012

"kanawha" & "speedeechi"

draw an em, prods the worm,
bottom meat, literary desecrations,
hair is growing on my ears, plug
lamp cluster, jzck, your authors
are falling off the page, sugnuf,
hat snaked, gniwons, doohsnel,
hash gram, tlaloc, you had your
shot at this peace, the hand
you know, the gone bit is not
that far gone, do you think
this text has faded, kanawha,
back when the cutup was king,
ill lots rated, red snow, stolen
from forgotten, gray wood,

one owes, the paper floated down and
made a nice landing, one is a
minimalist working with a maximalist,
maximum animal, guam, it’s a done deal
unless it’s not, the most beautiful
thing on the black earth, any text
could act as the source text, five copy
zine, so this is not part of the whole
then, a lotta jaw, one will always
remember: two often forget, lemon pic
theory is garbage, cyberoats, how many
words are you grinding out per day,
one is part of the etcetera, the
library welcomes you, fight zero,
the black pendulum, speedeechi,
damn i forgot to include, how does
the seahorse connect to calling lake,
try typing on the toner, i can't
wait until this blot blots,

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