Monday, May 21, 2012

"just say no to sob stories" & "how hug a lion"

what planet is this, the elephant
theme, what kind of a creature
is this, a rubber ship, rubber
ballet, rubber shuttle, rubber
sun, rubber space, rubber alien,
rubber star, what kind of a
creature are you, what is being
said in this image, rubber
toucan, but all the letters are
backwards, have a good day,
just say no to sob stories,
wild rubber, rubber gorilla,
rubber secret, rubber party,
rubber lions, rubber crock,

drew up the snake card, there’s not
a lot of us, it looks dead, the
moose has been done to death,
if i see one more dinosaur i’m
gonna scream, d, puddy tat,
a rubberstamp that says: FEB 14 2009,
eye heart rubberstamp, can
i get a hug here, how hug a lion,
lubdub, i found the key!,
they are called jacks, i need
some sort of message, emma is
that you, how did it get
so stained, still identity,

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