Wednesday, May 23, 2012

"surnia ulula" & "wolffia"

in hole by stump, liverwort
appreciation day, in ditch at
edge of cutblock, nilkitwa,
on bear shit, on dry mounds,
weigelii, houston cutblock,
pratense, gulo gulo, pyrenaicum,
warmouth, chubsucker,
minytrema melanops,
cratoneuron, sorex, grus,
velox, timmia, surnia ulula,
arisaema dracontium, terete,
iris diaphragm, the vibratome,
rates of penetration,

this moss is a beautiful thing,
there might be one or two people
on the planet that know what
this is, it’s the disease that is
of interest, scandinavi, pogonogo,
the computer and the hand,
there is a place on the earth
where this can grow, anomobryum,
misidentified crumb, paraffin
microtomy, catguard, luminous
things, var symmetrica, wolffia,
scientific anglers, hylotapetum,
on mossy boulder, aspen sock,

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