Sunday, May 13, 2012

"bile means" & "red marks"

damaged mail and nixie section,
is it how or huff, is this still
the one we are purveying, you told
me once but i forgot, oh it’s a
photograph, glass eyeing you,
bent rip, when the underwood was
state of the art, got your guns
all ready, bald hair, images of
beauty across cultures,
having it exposed, bile means,
fros, send me pictures of
that hottie, the midlife crisis
bounce, mailartist standstill,
gender indeterminate, skull it,

skull me, it’s a fancy name
for a piece of paper, where do
you dig all these poets up, have
we lost touch, are you johnny
oh boy, the haves and the have
nots when it comes to computers,
skating towards disaster, a
language of pictorial fragments,
the toner is transferring to the
white areas, couldn’t get the
paper flat on the scanner bed,
this white out is acting like
glue, red marks, chopped up,

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