Wednesday, May 09, 2012

"glyfada" & "lunger-rids"

chat research, we need some sort of
connect on the text, any a graphic,
good old am dug, i dig you in
blue, words and ideas in these
texts, if you had to pluck a phrase
out of this text, hyper concrete
the engraving, rubberstamp
funnycar, this needs to be not
written, glassolalia, glyfada,
telephone art, enouf, up in the hat,
ace tone, synaesthetic reality,
a coffee bath, don’t even bring
in the mail anymore, i’m just
going to add another line so,

is this the best writing you can do,
rusty envelopes, we zen, godwar, this
doesn’t seem to be a work of art,
we’ve only had one or two subscribers
over the years, color lines, benefits
older pennsylvanians, letters from
esquires, wmd, page two is not
so fancy, ficrust, shooting with
blue fingers, lunger-rids, this
fancy paper doesn’t hold the ink
very well, rose of sharon, baker’s

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