Monday, May 07, 2012

"painthole" & "blue microdot"

how do people manage to escape the
network?, ro po, you were going to
float down the milk to the
mississippi, is this the mad mailbox
story, fold this into a paper
airplane and fly it off the
balcony, how many years have you
been doing art, the multifarious
reasons it didn’t happen, this
cut signifies, this is how you
drop out of the net, this is one
thing we did together, board
round, the theory was here,
on the road to being, painthole,

we just wanted to make the list,
scuss anything that, he ould, at
an age where it is, terior and notice,
ng a ve o o t, committing exploits
with girls, blue microdot, axe alice,
crack up a book for you, geezix,
blogg, glose enuf doors, thank
sin advance, the best seems to
be bled out of the system, are
you still there are you still
there, exquisite little doodles,
desert your guests, whereverever,
nothing is beyond redemption,

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