Saturday, May 12, 2012

"akronistic" & "hemovizual"

rezen, what’s in the bag?, begin
again with your self-destruction,
one is out at the elbows, all these
tens don’t add up to nothing,
the symbol for fisting,
akronistic, ringing visual bells,
no i don’t want any more zines!,
eight light, nothing can be changed,
a dangerous place to stand,
would you like meaning with
that text?, she’s busy suckin’
on my dingdong, you did a nice
piece of work, the mailart usual,

peachtree industrial, looking in
thru the out door, p.r.a.y. tell, salom
arepo lemel opera molas, those
who do, time and paper, psycho-
geographic drift, hemovizual,
periplaneta americana, secret
art stash, what monsters have
we released, paper reality, the
word spooky, psychic hurricane,
god pattern, cognitive behavioral
therapy, and so to sum up,

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