Thursday, May 24, 2012

"barbcon" & "no idea"

i like the way it popped, insigne,
serissima, gmelinii, cicuta
bulbifera, oxycoccus, artemisia,
spirodela, this was a real
thrill to find: thamnobryum,
barbcon, botrychium, i don’t
know what was in this jar but
some bizarre reaction taking
place, this cookie is more than
ten years old, do you think
it’s still edible, rubber
heart, rubber maple leaf,
rubber telephone, rubber world,
rubber glasses, extra backer,

there oughta be a law, rubber
fairy, rubber triceratops, don’t
ask me to think, rubber rainbow,
i don’t know the names of all
these, your birthday is important
to you, rubber rollerblade,
bront, rubber moon, rubber
sailboat, rubber rain, no idea,
no idea, no idea, no idea,
pterodactyl rubber, rubber
gecko, rubber rocket, rubber art,
rubber party, rubber airplane,
rubber snowflake, rubber balloon,

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