Wednesday, May 02, 2012

"chappeau" & "paint enema"

this is crud, soaking fools, there
is where we are now, creating the
opportunity for chaos, what makes
you think, maximize keeping it as
green as possible, chappeau,
language has its own agenda,
mcdonald’s napkin poetry, no
simple matter language, ille
nis, christmas eve mail, no soap
no dice no nothin’ , halflife on
halfsheets, santa columbia,
fourteen crumby bucks, arm
mail, the echo of the checko,
the stable staple,

what are you doing with all the
art you create now, no sims, sure
it’s colourful but, sudden laugh,
dot com mockery, cutrate cutthroats,
your name here, marks mistaken
for letters, get behind your own
juggernaut, the name was removed
for a very good reason, speaking
zaum to power, your poetry
splotched and published, atun
shun, paint up your bottom and
sit on paper, paint enema, a day
will come, the postmark still,

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